Weapon moves fine in the animator but then doesnt move properly in game

im trying to make this hammer hit down like this

it works fine in the editor but then when i try and load it in game the hammer doesnt move how its meant to

tried to find a solution & found a post with the same problem as me but no one had been active there since march and there wasnt a solution

idrk much about animating so it is difficult to troubleshoot so i thought id ask for help here

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Okay. First of all, is this game under a specific group? If the animation isn’t from that particular group animation issues like this can occur.

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no if you mean group groups, i uploaded them all to my creations

edit: thank you for the quick reply i couldnt reply faster bceause fell asleep

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I’m late but I’ve had this issue before, basically, if you use Roblox animator for tools and stuff I’ve had to bend and get the body parts so when you start the animation the tool is actually in their hands and not off.

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sorry, i dont really get what you mean here “I’ve had to bend and get the body parts”

Basically i rotate and move it.

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Ok, i will try that thank you for the relpy

thank you guys for the replies but i found a community tutorial :

and just remade my animations with this and it seems to work, thanks