Weapons only doing damage after reaching a keyframe

I am attempting to make a sword/knife which only hits after the animation reaches a keyframe using GetMarkerReachedSignal and Touched, but I have a problem. Touched only updates when the object first comes in contact when an object first comes in contact with it, meaning if the weapon doesn’t stop touching the thing it’s attacking, a second hit won’t register. For reference, here is the code I am currently using:

local tool = script.Parent --this is the tool
local cooldownDuration = 0 --how long the cooldown should be (for convenience purposes)
local cooldown = false --whether the weapon is on cooldown
local animation = script.SlashAnim --the animation for the attack
local damaging = false --whether the weapon is currently in a damaging state
local handle = tool.Handle --the handle of the tool
local backpack = tool.Parent --the backpack
local player = backpack.Parent --the player who owns the tool
local character = player.Character --the character of the player
local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid") --the character's humanoid
local loadedAnim = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation) --the attack animation, ready for use

	cooldown = true
	wait(cooldownDuration + loadedAnim.Length)
	cooldown = false
--this part is to make sure players can't switch between weapons to avoid cooldowns

	if humanoid and cooldown == false then 
		cooldown = true
		wait(loadedAnim.Length + cooldownDuration)
		cooldown = false
--this plays the animation of the slash and activates the cooldown

handle.Touched:Connect(function(part)  --activates when the weapon is touched
	if damaging == true then --if the weapon is currently in a damaging state
		local parent = part.Parent --parent is the parent of the part that the weapon touched
		if parent then --if parent exists
			local eneH = parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") 
			if eneH then --if the parent cointains a humanoid then
  	              --hit script which deals damage, removed to avoid confusion
	damaging = true
--when the animation reaches a marker called "StabBegin", set damaging to true

	damaging = false
--when the animation reaches a marker called "StabEnd", set damaging to false

I’d appreciate it if you could help!

you can use BasePart:GetTouchingParts() at the exact moment of the marker event which gets you a table of all touching parts, i generally avoid physics based hit detection and use custom hitboxes, Egomoose’s RotatedRegion3 module is perfect for casting complicated shapes and getting all parts in an area, it even has a function to create a Region3 out of a parts CFrame and Size which you can use to cast a hitbox of the weapons blade part on impact

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Thanks for your suggestions! I’m not the greatest scripter, so I’d prefer to stick with default roblox functions rather than modules for now, but I’ll certainly try your first idea. :slight_smile:

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alas, this.

If you decide to go through the effort, this is a great way to get potentially accurate and quickly computable hitboxes for melee.