Weather System (demo)

Hello there. This is my first topic, and since I can’t publish it to Learning Resources, I’ve put it here. I’ve recently put together a little weather system that I plan on releasing to the public somehow, once bug fixes and optimizations are implemented.

Also I’d like to quickly thank boatbomber for the Distortion Droplets!
Take it here:

Here is the place link:


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Regardless of it being put in the wrong place, looks good :slight_smile: Any future plans of further weather scenarios? Snow or anything of the sort?

Despite it being placed in the wrong place, you might wanna check out this resource also by buildthomas, this rain system is really good and is probably the most realistic you can get on Roblox.

I checked out his code, and it works much differently than mine. However his code inspired my version of the wind effect during storms. I also got the rain sound from it.

Of course! After I’m finished with this and I release it to the public, I plan on releasing a version that works with snow. Hail, blizzards, etc.

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Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it, my man :slight_smile:

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