Weird bug happening when using Camera Interpolate

I don’t know if anyone has ever seen this bug before but as i’m testing with some new features for my game i recently discovered that when i join the game sometimes my screen turns white when my camera interpolation script starts which forces me to rejoin the game.
this is the function i use:

while AnimateCam do
local ex = Target.Position + _G.Mouse.hit.lookVector*1.5

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Camera interpolation does currently not work in solo.

Have you tried it online?

i’m talking about online)
It has been around for quite a while as i’ve seen something similar happening a few months ago.

If you’re updating the camera in a RenderStepped loop, you’re best doing it manually instead of using the Interpolate method.

yea i know there are betters methods to get it done, but i wanted to point out that this method crashes the client sometimes.

so far i found that it only happens when you start the game without looking at the program, for example: you click the play button and switch to a web page and the game starts in the background.