Weird bug that creates a group chat

When my friend join and leaves teamcreate, a group will be created on the roblox website. It happens every time for some reason. I have tried changing my password and logging out everyone on my account, he did the same. It still happens for some reason. Anyone having this issue? image


Same happens for me. Why is this in scripting support? Isn’t this a bug?

This isnt really scripting related so it would go in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

I can’t post in bugs yet. I had to post it somewhere to let you guys know and possible get a fix for it

Oh wait so sorry :frowning: 30 chars 30 chars

Its fine man everyone makes mistakes

It started happening to me as well. I already made a post like 2 hours ago, its still waiting to be approved. Also, you posted in wrong category. Should be in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs or #platform-feedback:website-bugs

Please follow the guidelines when posting: Scripting Support Guidelines