Weird Studio screen bug

I have to Idea how this is happening sometimes or whenever I open/Start a Test run to test my game and progression this weird bug happens

  1. my Original screen (server/player1/player2) screen is out from Roblox studio screen
  2. Roblox studio screen turns into this black square and every UI like toolbox Properties and Workspace bug if I interact with them
  3. Whenever I try Spinning or moving my camera on outside UI the screen spins very fast fraction of a second, this forces me to use black square as my screen

Please if there is a way to fix this tell me, this bug is affecting overall studio

Rendering becomes paused if you click the pause button or there’s a breakpoint.

To fix this, run workspace.CurrentCamera:Destroy() in the Command bar.

Delete the LayoutSettings registry key. More information can be found here:

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