Weird thing with color3s

the code doesn’t work because you are just changing the variable particle to a color sequence.

local main = workspace:FindFirstChild("Ring"):FindFirstChild("Main1")
local particle = game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("Rainbow")

	particle.Color =

What’s it with you guys and memory leaks?? You are making a new connection every time.

I wasn’t paying attention to it sorry

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i reverted to the original script and made sure everything was on the server. did not work.

Did you try my code? On server

idk if this causes a memory leak because it probably gets garbage collected. not sure though, it wouldn’t matter though because the function wouldn’t work very well.

show the code, also consider what i said. the code did not work because you are just changing the variable particle to a color sequence.

You probably messed something up, it works perfectly fine.

He edited his code, his previous code was connecting a new event every 0.015 second


so my partner wrote a new script that still isn’t working… here it is

local main = game.Workspace.Ring.Main1
local hue = 0

local function updateColor()
    hue = hue + 1 / 500
    if hue >= 1 then
        hue = 0
    local s = 0.5
    local v = 0.8
    local keypoint1 =, Color3.fromHSV(hue, s, v))
    local keypoint2 =, Color3.fromHSV(hue + 0.05, s, v))
    local colorSequence ={ keypoint1, keypoint2 })
    script.Parent.Color = colorSequence


the particleemmiter that this is parented to is cloned by a script in sss to the players torso, the original particleemitter resides in replicated storage.

Your original script was working fine, you were just editing the color on the client, not the server. I even showed you the video