Welding an item into an animation

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I am in need of help with an ongoing issue I’ve been having, I use Moon suite, to create and import animations into my Dance Studio, however when I weld an item onto my character whilst editing and creating the animation, it plays properly, but when I imput the animation into the game itself, the animation plays but the welded item isn’t there. Is their a fix for this?

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Try this is tuturial if you want weld item to animation

Yes, I’ve read over that however it doesn’t properly fit what I’m trying to achieve.

Okay then show me what Script or animation you created and explorer

Ahh, it was taken out of my game a few weeks ago due to me not knowing how to fix the animation.

Can you show me that animation ?

I Don’thave any traces of the animation anymore as I am trying to re-create it properly, this is why I posted this.

Assuming you are just welding the item to the character of the player, and not using motor6d’s to animate the item itself, why not just create an artificial weld? It would solve the issue of the welded item not being there quite perfectly.

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can you let us know if it’s a tool or just an like an instance, also… some of the item’s properties would be nice to know, as well as how the animation goes and the script that runs the animation