Welding issue, model gets destroyed

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  1. I have a part containing a lot of parts with different materials that makes up a model. I’d like to rotate it around its axis

  2. I am trying to use qPerfectionWeld script to weld all the parts to the main part. When I open studio testing, the model gets destroyed is cannot be found in the workspace.

  3. I have tried all variations of anchoring and unanchoring the children and the parent. I have disabled the CFrame script and looked into creating a union (does not work because it gives the same material to all parts) and moving the folders elsewhere that are in the main part. I’ve also read up on manual welding with a script, but there are a lot of parts and I’m not that experienced and was hoping someone could tell me where I went wrong with this.

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Read up on this for tweening a model.

And when it comes to the parts disappearing, are you sure the part the rest of the parts are parented to is set to CanCollide = true and placed above the baseplate?


Thank you for the reply! I’ll check on the CanCollide and will read up on the tweening tutorial.