What are some good techniques to improve building skills in a game?

Hello All,

I am sort of a new builder on ROBLOX and on the forum. I have usually been using youtube for help in builds I create. I was just wondering what resources do you guys use to improve your devving skills?

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Practice! A lot of practice and experimenting with the tools provided in Studio. I’ve never really used Youtube to learn how to build, I just taught myself

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My building skills have 100% improved since I started, I went from not understanding how to move in Roblox Studio to building at an experienced level. For my skills to actually improved, it consisted of:

  • Using youtube videos: Looking at basic tutorials in using Roblox Studio, watching building video tips, and watching Roblox Studio speed builds.

  • Using google images for ideas and inspiration, this helps to create original builds.

  • Reviewing the DevForum, looking at tips and tricks, looking at others builds, and beginning to apply for positions.

  • Getting myself inspiration and tips in building from joining other games in Roblox, there is a large amount of showcases in Roblox.

  • Actually putting in the time to practice, you need to balance both the practice and research to improve your building skills.


Hey there, though it is good to watch videos and see all sorts of tutorials, I would highly recommend just trying to figure out things for yourself, 'cause most people in tutorials would teach you their own way of doing things, and the fun part about building is that builders are different from each other, therefore you’d get unique content from each!
And also obviously follow what @xStarfully said, those are some good tips as well.


Hi! Also a builder! I started a year or two back and found out thats it’s better to just explore the tabs. I never knew about the transform tool, now I use it all the time, recently I learned about unions and negations, so I feel like I’m improving, watching Youtube is a good idea too! If your trying to script as well I recommend you just learn what each function means and play around with them! Follow the other replies too, they are all good tips!


I would to be honest say look up pictures of stuff you want to try building and don’t make it to complex at first, Try using f3x which is a plugin that help’s out many developers in their buildings, if you get advanced at that try meshes which are made in blender, also try listening to calming music and see how much you improve! And how I dev I have one side of my computer playing anime and second in studios, but that may be hard as if you don’t have a big enough screen it may not work! Have a great day!

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This post has been made a lot. But I’ll say the same thing, practice. Practice makes perfect.