What are you working on currently? (2024)

I’m working on an ocean-themed roleplaying/adventure game called “Life in the Deep”.

Planned features include:

  • A wide array of playable marine species, some with customization.
  • Various marine biomes and habitats with NPC creatures.
  • Achievements that reward players with access to rare species and customization options.
  • Unique abilities, such as mantis shrimps and pistol shrimps being able to fire cavitation bubbles, or cephalopods being able to change their color and texture to blend in with the environment.

Some features currently in testing are:

  • Cavitation bubbles (controlled with the R key)
  • Hermit crabs changing their shells (both this and cavitation bubbles are currently being tested with a generic crustacean)
  • Whale blowholes (only implemented for harbor porpoises so far, can be controlled with the R key)
  • A custom swimming system with the some species being able to become beached. Also planning to include different forms of swimming and the ability to change swimming speed.

A frilled shark next to a giant siphonophore.

The game is still in a very early version, with most character models being from older iterations of the game, but it can be tried here:


This game gives me subnautica vibes


Especially the 2nd image he posted, that would be scary to randomly see Xd


im mostly focusing on getting accustomed with the engine itself as of now, starting with these wallpapers i have/im planning to make, they are just free models put together as a scene but its helping me understand how the engine handles lighting and particles so a win is a win.

other then that, my plans are simply just to learn LuaU, im not going to rush myself like last year since i have a whole YEAR to learn it instead of a few months.


In My Restless Dreams . . . - Roblox


I am attempting to make a 2.5D platforming game as a sequel to my game-jam game Perilous Parallels from last year. (Here is the link to the video pitch for that game.) I am pretty busy with schoolwork right now also, but hoping to work on my game in my spare time. Sorry I don’t have any videos or pictures, but there’s really not much to show right now. Won’t take my word for it? Fine, here is a picture of the current state of the game:

I told you so…

By the way, I would appreciate any tips or suggestions on how I could use the new character physics controllers to create custom controls. I’m having a hard time figuring that out. (If you do have any, pleas PM them to me. Don’t want to clutter up this topic.)


Trying to improve by making alot of little games and projects. Check my profile if u want to

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Following up my previous comment, i made quite a significant (relatively to what i had ofc) improvement and have a better understanding of what i want from a game i am currently solo “working” on.

Since my last comment i added a bunch of “unique” weapons to develop a framework so i can easily add weapons in the future; some icons quickly made in gimp and a bunch of other details. The only issue i have rn is that i have nobody to playtest it with and it requires at least 2 players, so i have no idea if my game design is any good, but i will sort it out i think.

And i made that game public but don’t expect much. It’s pretty empty and seeing other posts here make me think i am doing something wrong… But hey, at least it’s not a cash grabby simulator, right?.. Right?!


I’m currently working on a psychological horror game, it’ll be organized in chapters staring different characters with the same problems. I won’t be explaining the game any further to protect the idea from being potentially stolen.


There are lua files in that topic. As i remember it doesn’t handle death state but it should give you a vague idea of what’s going on.

I think before you had to add a few instances, make a few tweaks in properties and you didn’t even had to script anything. Sadly now it doesn’t work with the default humanoid


I am working on making a Realistic Ragdoll simulator game!

(I took it down due to the ragdoll script being lost… :frowning: )

Screenshots of it:

Screenshot 2023-12-29 185059

Screenshot 2024-01-04 071553


Sorry for the rickrolls, i got carried away.


Wait did roblox remove the rule that console users cant talk in the chat??


It’s not a rule, it’s just not a feature yet.


That is a massive heat sink and fan


A simple Hanger model


I am currently working on a Game Discovery Hub

High quality version (though you have to download it)
Update: the link broke. I guess using discord as a file hosting platform isn’t a good idea


Apparently, the other thread wasn’t the real one, so I’ll be reposting what I posted there. Apologies:

There are 4 things I’m currently working/planning to work on:

  1. A map that’s centered around the Bunny Roped gear and its glitches for Unintentional Mobility. Still needs a lot of work, and further understanding of the roped’s quirks, because as you’ll see in the video, it’s pretty janky when bouncing off of ramps (sometimes it’ll bounce off with a lot of height, other times no).
  1. Another map (smaller) for Unintentional Mobility but this time it’ll be centered around the All-American Roped gear and its glitches (it plays very similar to the Bunny Roped but it has faster speed and less regular jump height). Nothing has been done in studio yet, but I’ll be sketching out the design for it later.

  2. The instructions for Unintentional Mobility; It’s a game of mine that is centered around glitches (same ones as seen with the Bunny Roped), specific glitches, and these glitches appear to be under researched, leaving me having to figure out almost everything on my own and sort them out. Well, there happens to be a few tricks/gears I need to further research, and there are some I’ve yet to come across, which means the work is never ending. (all in vain too, because nobody is going to read a 124-page document just so they can play a game for a few minutes)

  1. Though I’m pretty sure I was too ambitious, and should probably quit, I still have this roman “crappost” build in the list of projects I’m working on. Let me know if I should move on because man this project will be turning 2 years old this year (on July 22nd) and there’s still a ton of work to do as shown in the inspiration/reference picture.

Inspiration/reference picture:

This concludes all I have that I’m currently working on/plan on working on, though here’s a couple of screenshots and a video of projects I did but didn’t mention in the 2023 edition (because I did them later):

Link to (almost) all of the places talked about here:
Unintentional Mobility - Roblox
Poorly Manufactured Outdoors (W.I.P) - Roblox
crappost build (w.i.p) - Roblox
A place to sit at - Roblox
Private School - Roblox
Fountain of Repetitive Ramp Boosting - Roblox


This year I’m going to attempt my first full fledged game in roblox. I’ve just started on developing 2 months ago and I wish for my future journey to be successful!


What u gonna do in it. Playe Elden Ring? :rofl:


Nope, I’m going to play Roblox. :sob:

Not my fault games are unoptmized lol