What can I add to my island?

I think one thing that would really give it more life would be adding some variation in elevation. Stuff like hills, caves, etc. You could also add some more trees and different variations of trees to make a sort of forest.

Hope this helped!

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I see too many empty spaces:

You could add more detail and/or decor. I think you could also add more rocks, as you didn’t use much.

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Looks really good, i got some suggestions.

  1. You could add some brown, ground around the island to give it reaslictic to it.

  2. Try adding some hills and add more island to it. To fill it up a little!

  3. And add some like houses with more trees. Around it like most islands, got and some small rocks will be good in the island. I also suggest you make it more big to add more islands to it…

That’s all i have to say. Goodluck!

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Thank you to: @lSteveRogersl,@ScytheSlayin, and @jordonh23 for all the great suggestions! If anyone else has more feedback, suggestions or ideas please let me know!

I would try to fill the empty spaces, add some more variety. Some houses would be nice, and maybe more elevation instead of it being flat piece of grass. Good luck

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I would use smooth terrain on the island as well. Its perfect for the job, allowing you to add variations in landscape. I would also change the color of the water and terrain to add pop (along with lighting), and create a bigger variety of vegetation.

Here is an “island” that I had made a couple months ago. Nothing special, it’s just to showcase the water. But the terrain is an example of how your island could look.


Island is super flat, there should be different height elevations and things like that to make it feel more natural. I recommend using triangle or smooth terrain for that. Same with the placement of your trees, they should be spread out alot more rather than placed at a specific spot.


The best way to build islands are mostly using

  • Smooth terrain (recommended)
  • Terrangle

Your island looks a bit plain, and the shape makes it look weird, like… too artificial
A lot of scenary lacks there, looks empty, i would add more decoration
A lot of depth lacks too

Solutions :

  • Make the beach area (sand) less plain, use more wedges to make the slope look more smooth
  • Everything looks copy-pasted, use more variety, you can also add more palms, rocks or even a log cabin to make it look less empty
  • Use different height elevations so it doesn’t look so plain

Anyway, good luck!

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100% agreed with Locks statement, smooth terrain is the best thing to use for creating landscapes. like islands for instance instead of with parts.

for reference here is an island I’ve made


I would defiantly agree with using smooth terrain. It gives you more control over elevations and textures, so you don’t have to spend time with building hills or rocks or whatever. Plus it looks really nice if done right.
I would recommend this topic on smooth terrain: Smooth Terrain: How To's and Tips and Tricks

In addition, for lighting, I would recommend maybe add some Bloom and SunRays.

Good luck on the island!


Looks like a great start so far. I suggest you use a smooth terrain or if you wanna have a smooth blocky styled island, then i suggest making the grass smooth so it doesn’t look too unrealistic. Screenshot_1135 One other problem i noticed about the island is how there are so many empty spots. I recommend adding more grass to the empty spots and a house so it doesn’t look really flat.

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As a lot of people already mentioned here, your island is too flat. Apart from that it’s a good island, but it does need some work.

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From what I’ve seen, some part of it is good, some are not. Here, instead of adding more things, you could make it more realistic (if that’s what you’re trying to achieve) by actually applying randomness to every objects in the island. This includes the shape of the trees, height of trees, the bends and curves of the trees, amount of leaves in the trees, curve along the beach, and less square-ish stuff.

Enhancing your game with a lighting system would also be great, you could use ColorCorrection to change to the look of the game based on the colours, or even the ambience.

However, answering your question again, you didn’t state the purpose of the game. You didn’t give enough context to let the community answer accurately. Yes, I do notice that you’re making a game related to island, but we don’t know what will it do. Is it going to be used for a hotel, game map, animal simulation, or just for hangout? By finding out the why (the purpose), you’ll find the what and how easier.

You could also find out what type of island you want and refer to some pictures to help the development. A short quick research won’t hurt, like from National Geographic’s article on island.

If it’s just for hangout, like a place for friends to just chat, chill, and relax, then I’d suggest setting up a little mini stall selling drinks. Well, next time I suggest you’ll provide more background context or you can edit the thread.

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Thank you to:
For all the feedback, suggestions and criticism!

I know there are many empty spots and such, as i’ve said in my post the island is quite plain and rather flat. I will try and add some elevation and more details to it. Theres a bunch of great ideas such as more natural and nature filled things that you guys have suggested.

Like what @slothfulGuy has said;

The purpose of the game is like a story based survival game where players will survive a bunch of events such as natural disasters and obstacles. The idea is to sort of isolate/confine players on this “stranded” island where they have to work together to survive and escape. I’m trying to fill up the spaces with more event filled ideas, such as the huts I have where players actually gather the resources to build these huts.
I’m also working to add some more randomness to the island. I do have a habit of making things symmetrical and even, but I will try and add more randomized more natural models!

I appreciate and thank all of you for providing me with great criticism and feedback! I hope to achieve my new building goals that I have tied up with everyones suggestions!

If anyone still has any suggestions, feedback or ideas, feel free to let me know!


I think you should add different trees

I think you should add a sort of secret base or something like that. Then you should make a bar :eyes:
After that, I have no idea what you could add.

Try adding details like coconuts fallen on the ground,maybe hills around the island.

You should add more tree types, a path that connects everything, some hills and fill up the empty spaces.

Isn’t sand created from rocks hitting the water over and over 'till they break down? If so, the sand circle in the middle shouldn’t be there and looks a bit too perfect of a circle tbh.

You could add more small vegetation, such as bushes, and consider introducing a new type of tree, as this one rn looks a bit saturated

Also, the sand on the sides is also over-perfect. Try adding more randomness to it so it looks more realistic.

Good luck with this beach, and I hope you have a great day!

I would suggest possibly adding more trees in, or making part of the island a forest. Possibly add some more scenery in. (more rocks, shelter, make the grass more realistic)