What do I put in for "request" in the Roblox Web API?

Recently I looked at the Groups API (V1) and I came across /v1/groups/{groupId}/wall/posts.

I was wondering if you can send things to the Group Wall through the API. I know what to put in the groupId box, but not the request box.



Does anyone know what I put there?

Thanks in advance.

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Roblox blocks api requests to prevent essetially botting

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So why is the thing even there?

It’s used internally by Roblox. You can, however, access the endpoints by using a proxy.

Another alternative would be:

I already have a proxy, so I can do this but I just want to know what I put in there.

The API shows you on the far right of the page:

   "body": "The content to be posted",
   "captchaId": "",
   "captchaToken": "",
   "captchaProvider": ""

I’m not sure what content should be posted for the captcha keys, but it’s required.

You can click the yellow box to copy the request data template. Unfortunately, posting group wall posts requires a captcha token and only Roblox has these.

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For this particular API, you’ll need to append a query string with the following parameters:
groupId sortOrder, limit & cursor. groupId is simply, the ID of the group you wish to look at the wall posts of, sortOrder just sorts the posts in either ascending or descending order, limit controls the number of posts to observe in a single request & finally cursor manages which page of posts to look at.

The following is an example of the API in use:

So it seems I cannot do anything with it.

Thanks for the help everyone!