What do you think of this medieval construction?

How are you!
What do you think of this construction of medieval times, I will be grateful with your comment and if you like any recommendation to improve, Thank you

Working with ParlantMini to do more about this beautiful project


By looking at the images the build looks very amazing. You have spent a lot of time building the construction and I have to say it has a lot of detail around the area.

You requested feedback on your build so perhaps you may want to reconsider whether to apply some textures to the buildings’ mainly the roof I can see a couple of medieval houses have a fabric and brick material placed on the roofs I don’t think medieval houses have different types of materials on the roof try adding other types of roof shingles (tiles), thatch, ect.

I see some areas have repeating buildings. I find this to take away from the medieval town, and changing the buildings up a bit so it won’t be the same duplicated around the map. I would try changing the vegetation up around the area as it seems to be the same copied and pasted trees I’ll try to make different variety of trees so it could look better however it’s just a small improvement that could be changed.

Your project is looking really nice, I love the art style here. I hope to see where you will take it in the future nice job.


Thank you very much for the answer, however you are very right in what it says, I will try to make more trees and pine trees, low poly to add them to the map, and I’m glad you liked the construction my friend

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Boo! :ghost:
You just keep posting more and more feedback. That’s insane at how many finished places you have in one-two days to just keep posting and posting!
Since you have asked for feedback, I have arrived to give you some.
The terrain looks rushed. The color schemes with the terrain is really off, so are the textures of the terrain.

The trees all look the same. Rotate them some more or add different variations of the leaves.
The towers look the same. I’m not sure if in the Medieval Period, they wanted such towers to be ‘copied and pasted’ around their cities, but if it was meant that way, good job. They look pretty cool.
You have this weird building on the side. It looks pretty low quality compared to the other buildings.
I enjoy the small details such in this photo. The little chairs and benches really do make a change in the final product!
As stated earlier, I’m not a huge fan with the roof textures. They don’t look normal, especially for this period in time. Also, the building in the far back has too many wooden pieces on it, causing a distraction to the player.
I assume you wanted some positive feedback, but I am not all about giving players positive feedback nor should others feel the same way. Giving just positive feedback causes your brain to think that you are really good, and then you end up finding your weaknesses and ‘breaking down’.
Please, do note that everything stated in the post is based upon my opinion and first looks. You should not feel disheartened or feel the need to change anything. This is just merely feedback.
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face:


I don’t even think I can recommend or suggest anything… It looks absolutely amazing, the reflection of the buildings & objects in the water makes everything just standout…

Maybe work on a sky that fits?? Other than that I can’t even say much but wow…

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Looks great! Keep up the good work. :+1:

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Is that a silo in the first picture, by the lake? I don’t think that it fits the medieval theme at all, it’s quite anachronistic to use modern buildings in an otherwise historical town. Another thing that looks off is the large building on the hill, visible in the third picture, i think that it’s size doesn’t really match the size of the other buildings, you could place it somewhere else for a better look, right now it’s kinda ruining the skyline.
Also, i don’t think that using different colors and materials for the soil beneath the grass is a very good idea, and it just takes the attention from the city in the first picture. But otherwise i think that it looks good, just like an actual Central European medieval town.

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It honestly looks really nice overall, with well detailed buildings but I have to point out that the shadows look too dark compared to the sky and the tree leaves’ color (just the branched ones). Some changes on the lighting settings like adding a new skybox, and brighter colors or just changing the time would actually improve it a lot.

Nice job there! :wink:

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Thank you very much for the answer, however it is not a forest as such but thanks for the suggestion apart I will upload more photos where mountains are already etc

Ok Thanks You for your suggestion

Thanks for being very observant, however I will take it into account

Lol, thank You for your suggestion :smiley:

It looks great. However, the grass and dirt colors could be slightly lightened and you could use some extra lighting effects such as EnvironmentalDiffuseScale or EnvironmentalSpecularScale. If you don’t know what these are then this page could help

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OKI thank You for your suggestion, I like it