What do you think so far?

I’ve been working on this Shop GUI. PLEASE NOTE THAT I’M A BEGINNER.

In what ways can I improve?

Thank you for your time. Please, consider what you say before responding.Capture200


My feedback:

The White with the Light Blue is horrible contrast, I would change that. I would also make the sword text smaller, and make the bottom padding of the sword a lot bigger.
(Picture Example) make that white space a bit bigger

Ok, what colors do you think goes with light blue…?

I would just find a darker shade of blue, not too dark tho

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Maybe change the light blue to a darker blue, or the white to a darker blue.


I don’t really like how the sword is placed. It looks off-centered and it’s quite irritating to look at. :sweat_smile:


Sorry to triger your OCD. What about now? And is there anything good about my GUI?

Here I made a blue color pallet you can use. Through out the game if needed.

Thanks. Can I see some of your GUIs so I can get a good idea?

It’s better, I do like the GUI but the light blue for the 200 coins box doesn’t match the Color Palette. You should use @TheDCraft example.

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You can check out my Portfolio. I’ll make a UI right now that is similar that may help.

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Wow, you have really good work. Please, tell me how did you make the colors blend, I’m a begginer.

Thanks, and you can use a gradient tool in a software like photoshop. Also UIGradient that is in studio now.

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Something like this maybe, and the sword will always look weird unless it straight.

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Okay, thanks for being a big help. I’ll try this.

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