What does Roblox API used for?

Hello fellows! im kianu, and im confused what does Roblox API used for? and how it works, and what is an API keys?

this is what i mean :
Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 10.15.15

i’d appriciate any help!
thank you!

It allows you to access in-game things like data stores and the messaging service from outside a game. For example, you could have a website to modify your game’s data stores.

You can search open cloud for more information.


have any other example? still confused. and what is open cloud

Open cloud is the name of their project that is “opening” up the cloud. It allows developer to access things in Roblox’s cloud – like datastores, server messaging, publishing, etc – through web APIs.

You can use any code to do these functions, not just code running on Roblox’s servers in a game. It could be a python script on your laptop, a website, a button connected to a raspberry pi pico w, or basically anything that can access the internet.

You can search it up on the internet to answer any other questions you might have.


It’s also documented:

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