What "force" should I use for character movement and actions?

I want to create a game that will involve fighting, but also include fluid character movement. What “Force” should I use to produce things like knock-back, double jump, wall climbing, and directional dashing with as much control and least likelihood of bugging as possible? I have tried using body velocity in the past and came up with less than favorable results such as not being able to instantly remove the velocity without a delay, and the ReachTarget() event for body position has a high chance of just not working.

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An alternative you could do is by just editing a HumanoidRootParts velocity

e.g: Player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Velocity = Vector3.new(0, 75, 0)

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Why not show us what you have tried. Perhaps we can help you fix it.

I’ve actually had a post about body velocity force not working, that I didn’t find a solution to a bit ago. Body Velocity Timing Issues

Use BodyVelocity or BodyPosition!