What have you built during the pandemic?

I really like the wisteria, looks amazing!

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Omg thats so cool :sunglasses:
I love how the shape is!

I’ve been working on a 2d gui based game. Here are some pictures:
Title Screen: Still needs worked on.

Player Color Select Screen

once you are in the game, use wasd or the arrow keys to move arround.

Press and hold space to lay down pallets that could trap other players

Use the mouse button to shoot lasers that could destroy pallets or hurt other players (Still being worked on)

Here is a link to the game if you want to try it out (mobile supported a little) I also hadn’t came up with a good name. Also the player model is temporary.


Yes that was just a joke that took me two minutes

I’ve been working on an apartment based on one I found on Google Maps a year and a half ago.


Exterior Shot

The living area

The kitchen and entryway

The bathroom (well, part of it at least)

Ignore the blood-red doors for now, they’re placeholder until I build actual ones lol. (actually nothing here is final except the floors haha)

I’m working on a realistic house, just to increase my skill and learn a few things.


I placed this topic in the wrong category. Sorry about that.

I’ve been working on stuff later in the pandemic, and this is what I’ve made so far

Cars and truck

A shop

I mean, I’m working on bigger things, but those aren’t ready yet.


ive been working on some models



Oh my… This is next level modeling! Nice work. :clap:

Oh. Sometimes online it is hard to see if somebody is being sarcastic.

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not much

(curtains not by me)



Welcome to the first episode of
Astro always cancelling his projects, in a nutshell.

the worst

why did i thought of making this as a vengeance or something, i would consider this an experimental thing i done

not even 5 hours of work and cancelled
Someone: What’s wrong with you?
ME: I have no idea.

Completed, but bad project. So, i though of rvamping it and it died oof. 5-7 hours of work only

Cancelled. I was happy, not now though.

another bad project. I got demotivated on this ater a while as compared to others.
And that’s it.
I did use studio in this year during lockdown, but pretty much every single of my work is n the folder of other trash projects imo. (* I know I may be insulting myself but its the truth, it is bad at my point of view.)


A small part of my builder challenge submission -


It’s a Greek Parthenon, FYI. :greece:

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Really cool stuff with your GUI game, im hoping to do something similar…when i get some other stuff sorted…Any tips on how you did it…?


Damn, you have really great models!

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