What is a good starting investment range?

I’ve spread out my game to social platforms and trying to get those new player to join, later on
I hope to create some sort of player loop (when there are always at least a few players playing my game). My progress so far isn’t surprising or phenomenal, I’ve only managed around perhaps 10 players to join my group and are interested with the game. Which is why I’m thinking of getting an investor at some point.

I’ve looked at some dev topics that talk about investors, but I haven’t really found out a good range of how much I’m looking for to sponsor my game. I’ve even asked a few friends, most of them don’t even know about sponsoring. Here is my game I’m wanting to expand onto the Roblox platform: https://www.roblox.com/games/3326658140/Car-Madness-BETA
(A Battle-Royal Car game, defeat your opponents by collecting unique powerups, save up tokens to buy crates, collect skins to apply to your car, customize your car to the style you desire and buy from our selection of gamepasses)

What I’m trying to ask is “How much is a good range for a start off investment/sponsorship, for a game like this?”

(NOTE: I’m not currently looking for an investor at this moment, I just want a good idea so I can start making a collaboration post of how much of an investment I’m looking for :slight_smile:)

My Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4989493/Photon-Studios#!/about
(I also don’t mind some feedback on how the game can be improved before I search for an investor)


I personally don’t believe there is a “good starting range”. It all depends heavily on the game, some games need large amounts of investment and some don’t.

In my eyes it’s all about competition and style of game, for instance if you’re developing a Simulator or Tycoon game then these are two very big markets on Roblox with a lot of competition therefore you’ll need a lot of investment to get it recognised. However, if you develop one of these types of games but have a unique twists and features that you don’t see in already existing games then you most likely don’t need to sponsor a huge chunk as players enjoy playing games with unique aspects.

It also depends on what you’re trying to do, if you’re trying to slowly build up a community of players then a small investment would only be necessary. If you’re trying to do a mass release then obviously you would do around 5x/10x the test sponsor/ad.

I hope I’ve given you a better understanding of investing and sponsoring your game, I don’t have any precise figures in my head because it all depends heavily on the game.


Look at your game player data. How many people are playing your game per day and how long are they staying?

Is the avg player time in the double digits?

If it is, you should be able to do well with a 5-10k ad run. Offer a gift if you join the group. As long as the game is enjoyable and interesting, people will stick around and you wont have problems filling servers.

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