What is a way of making a custom car?

Hello there, I want to make a car but don’t know how to start off and What to do, I would also love something help on somebody explaining velocity to me and how I could make a car move.

When I have a part and change the velocity to 3,3,3 or something, It never moves or am I supposed to run it?

If anybody is experienced in making cars feel free to reply, Any help is appreciated!


The videos are mostly how to build a car or how to make a car using the deafult ROBLOX car thingy, I said custom car.

That’s where you have to do research yourself, and see what works, and actually try out some things.

After you’ve actually done research, that’s when you actually ask questions.

Your Googling skills need a lot of work.

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You need to see some car making tutorials on Youtube. You can also try using some Car Modules that have been made by other users.

Well, this question asked before, I can give this to you: