What is ReplicatedScriptService?

Today I was going to insert the teamservice into my game, and then saw another service in the insert service popup, ReplicatedScriptService. I’m wondering what this is, if it’s new, and what it will be used for.

Edit: All types of scripts can be inserted into this service. (Scripts,LocalScripts, and ModuleScripts)


There is no documentation on this service. I would assume that this is only used internally by Roblox. I wouldn’t worry about it.


This seems like a new service Roblox have added, they will probably announce something about this soon. Or as @incapaz said its something internally used by Roblox in the background.


So, we possibly have a new service coming in?


We may have, this seems like it could be used a lot for good ways to prevent exploiters accessing stuff, etc.


Maybe, it’s pretty rare though (atleast from my experience) for Roblox to integrate a service into studio and the platform before atleast mentioning it.


If this is something that we are able to use, I’m hoping it’s useful for preventing exploits from accessing stuff within our games such as decompiling scripts and such.


There is no point in introducing a feature publically if there is no reason for you (the public) to use it. If its for Roblox internals then the vast majority of users will never interact with it.

In my opinion I think this is related to Cloud Scripts.

And that has not been finished (at least stated it has been) so they probably wouldn’t publicly announce it yet.

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This will never happen likely. The code for LocalScripts and replicated ModuleScripts has to be replicated to the client so the client knows what to do.


I was talking more about Roblox planning to give developers a new service, but integrating it before they announce it to Developers. What if developers see it as a bad idea or the Roblox administrators missed an issue with the service that could ruin games or certain functions of them? It’s not really a good strategy.

Edit: As for the cloud scripts, that seems like a plausible idea.

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Logically, i think that it’s the service that handles the scripts that the client can access to it. Because ServerScriptService exists for the server only. ServerStorage too, but ReplicatedStorage exists for server and client, and i thought there was a ServerScriptService for clients, well, this is my theory.




Check this:

In the release notes you might find this:

Added a new service for running server and client logic in a single container.

I think that’s the service you found.