What is "Summon Handles" and what does it even do?

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I’ve recently noticed a thing in Roblox Studio that I haven’t seen before, however I can’t seem to get it to work. Whenever I position my camera in certain ways while using the Move tool, this prompt appears:

For whatever reason I can’t seem to get it to activate on my own, no matter how long I hold down Tab for.
To my knowledge, this isn’t a Beta feature or something along those lines. I don’t believe it’s a plugin feature either.
So far, I’ve only seen this in local places, though the functionality of whatever this feature is supposed to do may be present in published games experiences in Studio as well.

Anyone know what “Summon Handles” does?

and yes, i know what handles are in the editor

Sorry for the confusion: This message should only have shown up if you had the Pivot Editor beta enabled, in which case holding Tab would have done something interesting indeed.

The change has been disabled until next week when I can update it to be hidden unless you’re in the Beta.

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This “Summon Handles” pop-up for everybody? I know it did for me, and I definitely signed up for no Pivot Points Beta.

Yes, see above, it was only supposed to show up for people in the beta. If you open studio again now you should no longer see it.

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Well, okay then! Thanks for clearing up the confusion, and I’m glad I could help reveal this issue for you guys.