What is the best Anti-Exploit system?

I have made an obby game and I wanted to prevent exploiters flying to the end directly. This is against ROBLOX Rules and it is not fair to other players that are enjoying playing the game.

Hence, I wanted an Anti Exploit system that can prevent fly, noclip, walk speed, teleport, and more. Is there any open-source model that can prevent anti-exploit or is there any solution to this?

I’ve used Artic’s Anti-Fly, and many other anti-exploit models but its all outdated or it’s not working.

If there is some great anti-exploit model and it is still working great, please provide the model link below. Highly appreciated.

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Exploiters can usually bypass most of the anti exploit systems.
I suggest making a really powerful one and actually try detecting free, or even paid exploits.


There is no “one size fits all” anti-exploit. I don’t know how your obby works and how you determine their checkpoints and such. What you can do is check is if their current stage is equal to the next stage - 1. If they are only one stage behind then they are a legitimate player. Don’t waste money on anti-exploits.

Btw exploiting is against community rules not terms of service :wink:


The best Anti-Exploit system is obviously no code! GitHub - kelseyhightower/nocode: The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.
After using no code I didn’t run into any issues with exploiters or even bugs in my code! all my players enjoyed the game too.

In all seriousness though, there is no “best anti-exploit system”, it just depends on how you go on with your game.
Take for example shooter games, their best “anti exploits” are just server verifications for the guns.
Most anti exploits that are on the server are just physics related, and imo the best way to approach those is just with experience.

Anti no clip would be checking if the part you’re touching isn’t hitting the ray (means they’re inside the part), anti fly would be checking if the user is in a high place and isn’t standing on anything + not falling down like they’re supposed to, anti speed/teleport would be just checking the distance traveled (dV = dS/dT), those are on the server though.

However, for your obby, it may be way different. Every anti exploit is unique in a way, like Sir Chad Programmer incapaz said.


There is no checkpoints in my game. Thanks for the reply btw!

^ My game. Still under development though. It is a tower like “Tower of Hell”, no checkpoints.

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A lot of anti-exploit systems are either outdated, a virus, or changes things like skybox/prompts purchases. It honestly depends on your game structures and how it’s correlated with the objective. Theres story games, building games, Jailbreak, etc. relating back to that.

Hiring a programmer to create a checkpoint anti-exploit system would be advanced for your obby. I’d also suggest creating a boundary system so if players touch like something above them (invisible wall) they respawn. Be careful with this as exploiters can fling so maybe only a respawn or kick.

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Was thinking about that, but if a player jump and hit by the invisible wall chance is 80%, cuz my game is basically a tower.

Noted. Thanks for the reply! Appreciated.

i have made my own anti exploit system it works very well

and i have made another script that will kick the player when they touch the part

if you want to get the best anti exploit system u write it on your own


I’m new to scripting but noted and thanks for the reply.

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Noted. Thanks for the reply btw!

I also tried an anti-exploit program made by someone else, but it either contained a virus or it didn’t work when I tested it with HD Admin. That’s why I also decided to do one myself. And it worked much better, and the number of hackers dropped to a quarter. And I only do anti-exploits on Roblox because I got a lot of feedback that my plugin is good. So try it, co-developers, to make your own first, and then if it doesn’t work, use a free anti exploit model, with caution, of course.

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Late response but you could use Chickynoid which completely protects from these exploits.

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