What is the best way to update your games?

Hey all,

Planning on releasing an update for my game but I don’t really want to shut down and lose a ton of players. How do you go about releasing game updates @top developers?

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If I’m correct, Roblox created a new feature recently that lets players reconnect in the event of a shutdown through a window that appears on the end of the game. I’d research that in update notes to double check!

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Yeah that show’s up now but they are having so many server issues it is hard to tell if it is worth it to shut down the game.

I would wait until server issues are fixed, likely today I would say

Maybe look into this plugin?

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Ironically, in order to implement the soft shutdown plugin-thing, they would have to shutdown the servers anyway. For future updates though… Great idea. :smile:

I did notice that, haha. That is a good future reference, but for now, unfortunately, waiting is all you can do.

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You could update servers and let old ones fizzle out, or use a soft shutdown script.

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I personally use a soft shutdown script for my games as it will rejoin all my players to an updated server without requiring them to rejoin, trying to find an updated server.
(I suggest the script linked by @CheekySquid)

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