What is the best website to make GFX's with?

I have been trying to make a GFX for my group, but I can’t find a good art website. (I can’t use software’s due to lag, don’t ask.)

Thanks for helping!

Ive used blender for renders/GFX’s. So I went ahead and did a quick google search.


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There are a couple of threads throughout the forum including software and editing websites to create graphic designs in. Blender is a recommend software, mainly for creating all sorts of renders in it’s a free alternative with rendering 3D modeling. Just to note have you tested the software and see if it can run on your device?

Gimp is also a free program that you could possibly design gfx in. Try testing certain programs to see if they cause any sort of lag. Here is a thread, with a few recommended programs that you could test and view find ones your comfortable using some have the ability to produce graphic design in.