What is the easiest way to learn motor6d?

Hello Developers, I am currently working on a project that involves motor6d and I have no idea on how to use motor6d. Does anyone know an easy way to learn it?

I am trying to make a non character StarterCharacter have an animation and act like a normal character etc.

As of now I dont know how to use Motor6d and if I could learn it easily or just any way it would be great!

Sofar I have looked over the DevForum but havent found out how to learn it.

Is anyone experienced with motor6d and could provide how they learned it or an easy way to learn it?

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Do you mean like this How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)


Does that post include how to animate characters that arent avatars for example a basic part with legs.

well it’s pretty much the same thing

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Alright Ill check it out thanks for the help!

Ok, so I checked out the post you linked and I was immediately confused on how to animate legs with motor6d because that was animating guns and not body parts is there a better topic or a Youtube video etc?

Never seen anyone use motor6d’s to animate characters but there are these videos about making and animating with them (not using motor6ds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5pLIx3PsN8

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yeah I dont think you can do it without motor6ds, cause personally I am an animator and just from my knowledge I dont believe you can do it without motor6d’s, but thanks for the help anyways!

I confused on what you mean, I know characters have motor6d’s connecting the body parts but what do you want to actually do your question was kinda confusing.

For example eg! or Robot 64 they have StarterCharacters that are not roblox avatars they are built using meshes or roblox parts and they use motor6ds to make them and I do not know how to use them. Thats what I meant sorry for the confusion.

Watch the youtube video I sent, it shows how to connect all the body parts.

Alright ill check it out thank you for your time!

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