What is the Fastest Way to Finish Large Scripting Projects in a Neat & Clean Way?

I am currently working on a solo admin panel project and I have been unable to do the scripting fast while keeping it all organised, neat & clean. So I was wondering what would be the fastest way to do it?

Yes ik AI assistant is there but sometimes it messes up the script(according to personal experience)

Any Help appriciated!


Just script stuff that works and then you can worry about organizing later, that’s what I do.


Admin panels can be complicated to make, but here’s a simplified version:

Create a module script for every command, which can be executed if the player runs that command.

It is recommended to use the same function name for every single module command, and that every module script is in a folder for organization.

Then, when the player executes a command, look for that module script and execute it. If the command doesn’t exist, ignore the player’s message.


Keeping your code neat & clean can make you save time, it’s not mutually exclusive

Sometimes, it’s even worth restarting from “scratch” (you can still use a lot of the old code) and reorganize your code structure. When redoing it, it will be a lot cleaner since you know what to expect and what is the best way to organize it. Doing so can end up saving a lot of time later on when you want to add things, and it will make things a lot less error prone


I don’t recommend this, because the whole point of organizing your code is to make it more readable and debug-able. Coding it and then not organizing serves no purpose, you’re going to have just as much difficulty trying to reorganize after finishing.

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How would you forget your script functionality that fast?


OOP can help as well.

Edit: OOP means Object Oriented Programming, you can find more on it here: All about Object Oriented Programming


From my couple of years of scripting, there was one time where I really felt like OOP was needed. I do not understand why or how people use OOP for everything. Sometimes, I see modules (from like community ressources) that use OOP and think to myself that OOP was not necessary in that case and it’s just overcomplicating the module for not much


You’re right, OOP is not needed for everything, but for large scripting projects in a neat and clean way it could really help in some circumstances.


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