What Kind of Extra Mesh Shapes Do You Use For Building Complex Things?

I saw some builders use advanced (not so advanced) meshes/shapes in their builds to ease their work, and some meshes are smooth and good that can’t be achieved with Roblox shapes, so they use those too. But the thing is, I don’t know which shapes would be useful for me. There’s a model by StarModelX in which there are some shapes that are good for building, but in his videos, I saw him use a huge list of shapes. I searched the whole Toolbox and found lots of mesh packs. But I don’t know which ones to choose.

It would be really helpful if anyone told me which shapes are useful! I would make a collection of them and keep it to myself! (or I can also share it in the marketplace for the ease of others).

Some images of the huge lists:




I don’t want to keep the unnecessary shapes in here and I only want to keep the ones that I will ACTUALLY need.

The question is slightly complicated, since we don’t know what type of building you want to do. I would advise you better to choose the forms you need yourself, with the construction process, choose the forms of objects you need for this structure, so you will make a pack of forms for yourself


Well, In my words for this its all about what works best for you, explore with the shapes and try build with them. some can be used for diffrent types of builds. like a Bell Tower or a Apartment Building. Explore the types of shapes/meshes and try build simple things then advance. Hope this helps :smile:

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It’s been a long time, and I’ve already made my mesh pack. I forgot about this post a long ago. But here is it. I would love to release it as a publicly free model because I study other mesh packs and then collect the ones that I REALLY need. And I will also organize them, and then remake all of the shapes in Blender, and re-upload them. And I will also optimize someone them. Most of them are easy to make in Blender.

(There are some duplicates here and there, I will fix them)

Or, I might make a plugin that consists of all of the meshes. I’m also thinking of creating my own textures in the future!

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