What plugins do you use for terrain optimization?

Title says it all, name all of your juicy plugins that allow for terrain optimization.


Terrain plugins allow for more customization and efficiency, and I find them way more useful than the actual Roblox built-in terrain and material tools. There are countless terrain plugins, but I’m just going to name my favorite plugins which I believe are the most useful and efficient.

Quenty’s Part to Terrain Plugin

  • Useful for large maps and transferring Part to Terrain

Simbuilder’s Modded Terrain Tools

  • Increased Terrain Slider Values

Smooth Terrain Convertor

  • Great for converting large masses of smooth terrain material

Old ROBLOX Terrain Tools

  • Includes Elevation tools, Flood Fill, Material brush (Paint), Terrain generation, and even more.
  • Great plugin for creating smooth terrain landscape in short periods of time

If utilized correctly, you can create terrain landscapes like this in short time periods. (Examples by me)

And for triangle terrain plugins, I basically just suggest Databrain’s Triangle plugin, since its so efficient and simple to use.


Thank you so much!

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