What poly count scale is okay for Roblox

I specialize in the Modeling section of Roblox but have never been part of a team so I’m unsure how my models would work in a game with heavy programming. I would like to improve my models poly count so I can work better in a team and altogether.
I unsure what people would consider low poly, mid poly, and high poly. I use blender to make my models so its very easy to get carried away with my poly count. I have some models with 20,000 Polys and some with only 2,000. I know that most of it depends on how much programming is put into a game but I just need a rough estimate
I have tried looking for my answer in the developer forum but wasn’t able to find anything similar
Anything helps! :smile:

One, please don’t speek in large and bold text.

Two, use the search bar, even if you could find you answer, change things up to find something repeated. this post has been asked many time before! These could probably help you:


I’m not an expert in this field, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I feel like this is heavily dependent on the game and the preferences of the developers of said game. A general rule of thumb would be to use the least amount of polys as possible. However, certain game aesthetics and technical barriers might change this. For instance, some “low-poly” styled games prefer to keep the poly count quite low w/ flat shading specifically for the style.

This might also depend on the importance and closeness of the object to the player. For instance, a player’s weapon should be pretty detailed, opposed to a building far off in the distance, which can be low in detail. It’s worth noting that there is built-in LOD for meshes now too (which can be used by switching RenderFidelity to Automatic).

Oh sorry i wasn’t aware my text was set onto bold and thanks for the help, next time I will use a better keyword to search.


Thats actually super helpful, thanks a bunch. I’ll be sure to use this information to help in future projects.