What should I do if my plugin is failing

I made a plugin and it is failing majorly

My Plugin sells at 200 Robux and has not gotten a single sale
I’m only getting 60 Robux per sale which has not happened yet And Roblox takes 70% cut from every sale

I don’t know what to do really

What does your plugin do?
Are there other free plugins that do the exact same thing?

I’ve never paid for a plugin yet and I have a lot of the more common free ones.

It finds model Ids from Old models Automatically or in a nutshell it’s basically Is an automatic ID surfer which no other plugin ever offers

that seems like a really specific use case, i wouldn’t find my self ever really using that so i guess it makes sense that a lot of other people won’t especially for the price

Ulimately you have the same two options here that you would have after releasing an unsuccessful game-

-Make another one

On the upside, your plugin hopefully represents a smaller sunk cost than the majorly-failed game projects most of us have worked on.

Also, don’t post multiple threads about the same topic:

Also, it’s only been in the toolbox for a day. How soon did you expect it to get sales?
You’re going to have to be patient.
Unless advertised it’s going to take a while for people to find it.

I was asking how people liked my plugin
not if it was failing or how to fix it from not failing?