What should i improve on my soccer game?

I have been Co-Creating with GaXmXe on a 5 vs 5 Soccer game which took me 7 months to make.

Menu Testing Video.wmv (489.9 KB)

Im a struggling finding ways to improve player attributes in-game can you suggest ways to improve your stats:

RobloxScreenShot20230712_050638860 (2)
Attacking: How fast your player takes to execute a shot (Not Finished)
Technique: How accurate is you pass
BallControl: How close is the ball to the player’s feet (Not Finished)
Power: How fast or how powerful a shot is
Speed: How fast is your player runs
Technique: How accurate is you pass
Defensive: Distance that the player Tackles for the Ball (Not Finished)

I strongly recommend you playing the game to give me feedback on what i should add in the game