What Should I learn Next?

well I have been in the Roblox Development Community From a long Time(Almost 3 year but with a lot of different accounts) and I learned a lot, From Detecting Collisions, To Remotes, Datastores and RayCasting.

and I Still Think Something is missing
so I made this post, To ask you guys

What Should I learn Next from Services To Third-Party Tools

what are your plans

just leveling up my experience
to start on the piad-jobs

I advise
Rojo for one

and writing code that appears very clean with style guides

Aswell as using knit or a custom knit like framework you can make yourself.

Invest your time in object oriented programming.

And if you want
roblox-ts exists
(roblox typescript)

do you have some resources for that?

Push yourself a little outside of your comfort zone and make something more complicated, try using new functions you havent used before!

Heres what i have done when i was in the same situation:
Worked on a movement system
Worked on a plugin
Worked on an A* Algorithm

Another thing you should try is using the httpservice! I think it’s one of the most fun things to play around with.

I Heard About it but never tried to use it

Object Oriented Programming?

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