What should I use for sound effects?

I recommend using FL-Studio if you have a bit of money to spare, If not, Try to look up some decently priced or free virtual studios.

If you don’t want to make them yourself in studios, my advice;

You may use NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) in your game. There are a lot of songs uploaded to YouTube. You can find the song you want to use in your game. Here is the YouTube link:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have applied for NCS before you put the music into your game. You can do it by filling the form commercial license here:

For the sound effects, you might use Freesound. Here is the link:

Don’t forget to give the credits.

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Audacity is free, quite easy to use and has a lot of different effects you can add to sounds that have been imported into it.

If you want to get into audio production (and you have some money to spend), get yourself a copy of FL Studio, or play around with the free demo. FL Studio is a real gamechanger when it comes to making music and sound effects.

I’ve done past work in sound design. I recommend for making the sound just use your mouth, hands, feet, objects around the house, etc. It sounds cliche but with Audacity you can edit the effect to do anything with it. Audacity is a free Windows10 application that is basically a sound editor but you can edit pitch, speed, quality, etc.

Mm, be careful with NoCopyrightSounds. People don’t tend to read the fine print because of the channel’s name but you actually can’t use uploads from NoCopyrightSounds in a game without a commercial license, even if your game is non-commercial. NCS is primarily intended for YouTube use.

Check these posts I made for more information (they are in threads related to music copyright):


I suggest you hire someone
I do sound effects for a fair price and music can be around 1k robux so pretty cheap for a full song

Nobody has mentioned this! Use BFXR to make your SFX if it is a cartoony type game. For the music, use LMMS.


100% would reccomend audactity, but if you dont have the time to learn new software, use NCS or bfxr.net

Oh, thank you for your reply. I didn’t know that we must apply before putting music/sounds into the games. I’m also developing a game and I was going to use any NCS song I wanted. This information helped me.

You can’t even sequence midi in audacity :joy:

Perhaps they are not needing to ‘sequence midi’. ??

To make a song you have to sequence midi. No way to make a song without sequencing midi unless you have live instruments.

Sonniss releases royalty free sound effect packs every year around GDC, but it’s worth reading up the documentation before you decide to use them in your game, IMHO.

Soundtrap is good, I personally use the student version but there is a free version.

Well sorry, I thought he just needed sfx and i’m not a sound expert, just offering my humble opinion.

Soundtrap is fine but is incredible limited in mixing and such.

I’m not really experienced in music production so I don’t even know what mixing is, care to explain?

I tend to use GollyGreg’s sound library: [FIX] Golly's MASSIVE Sound Library - Roblox
It’s a collection of a ton of old Roblox sounds that were uploaded before sound uploads were a thing. Usually you can work something into your game without needing to upload something new, so I recommend you to check it out.

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Mixing is basically adding effects to your songs (compression, reverb, eq) to make it sound more refined and not mud each other up. This is so that it “sits in the mix”.