What terrain editing plugins do you recommend?

Between the clunky editing buttons and the really annoying selection tool being completely ruined by a single misclick, I just can’t stand editing terrain with the standard tools.

Are there any other plugins or ways to use terrain that people would recommend?


What do you mean by “clunky”?


You can do some neat stuff with the command bar concerning terrain.
WriteVoxels() and FillRegion() are pretty useful for creating precise chunks of terrain


For painting specific regions I prefer to use:

For creating more precise shapes like a circle, I prefer to use:

I prefer to create the terrain manually using a triangular terrain tool afterwards I convert it over and edit to my liking using the plugins listed above.


Pretty much agree, like if you were using ROBLOX’s standard tools and you happen to move your mouse slightly, the whole terrain may be out of sync (bulging out) from the rest. Control Z and repeat is pretty much time consuming so I stick to just using bricks.


When I generally make landscape I use part to terrain, the link for that is
here: https://www.roblox.com/library/261634767/Part-to-Terrain
I also generally just do the painting by myself because that way you can do better detailing of the surface.
Hope this helps!

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Maybe this will help.(personally never tried it I just read the post. I’l give it a go too looks interesting)

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It’s not a plug-in but I suggest blender. You can create any shape you want and it reduces lag in game if you plan on using little triangles and verts. If you’re looming for a plug-in especially then I highly suggest Build V4, it offers really good triangle terrain and is pretty simple to use.

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Yeah blender is really nice, I should find the time to learn how to use it properly, but coding keeps me pretty busy :sweat_smile:

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I personally use “Part to terrain,” it will transform any parts you have to the terrain of your choosing. It’s great if you want to make specific terrain.

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