What things should I learn?

Hello, I’ve been scripting for a few years now but I feel like I’ve only stuck to the basics. I don’t know what to learn and how to do so. I have learned some CFrame but haven’t mastered it at all. I’ve learn some string patterns but to get few errors from time to time. I’ve looked into the wiki for advanced mechanics and it stated,
CFrame; – I’m not very good at it
OOP; – No clue what this is
MetaMethods; – I can rarely make metatables
coroutine; – I don’t know how
math; – I know math.huge/rad/ceil/min/max thats it…
os.time; – I don’t know a single thing about this
bit32; – What even is this (I know for computers but not roblox)
utf8 – No clue

I feel like I’ve been afraid to learn more and fail, blocking me from moving forward including a bit of basic things like

a lot of basic apis;
userdata understanding

I’ve never given up and figured a lot of things out even if I don’t know what it means, but this is like going from elementary to middle/highschool. Its a big step forward and more challenging.

I would certainly recommend looking into learning MetaMethods/Metatables. I recently learnt them this year and they have been a great use for multiple projects!

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What are metatables mainly used for?

I primarily use them for things like settings and checking lists. They are incredibly useful for making things such as admin and group orientated programming.

That is just the tip of the ice burg however as they have many more advanced uses for storing data and handling it in your game

Something that helped me learn a lot was trying to make an RPG from the ground up. No shortcuts, just me and the api trying to figure out as much as possible while making a cool. Doesn’t even have to be an RPG really, just make something that you wanna make and be okay with the fact that you will probably never finish it because that’s not really the point.

Almost everything is documented or resources exist to explain

utf8:post, reference
OS library
metatables and metamethods: metatables, tutorial

coruoutines: tutorial, developer hub
OOP, more OOP

If you had no problem learning whatever ‘basic’ entails, then these should be no different.