What to draw with?

Hello, I was wondering what website to use for things like logo’s.

If someone could please give me suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!


You can use adobe photoshop mix. I make my logos with adobe photoshop. There are a bunch of fonts that you can choose from to make a very good logo. I love adobe photoshop because it lets you color texts and resize them to make a good logo.


If you’re looking for free software, things like Gimp and InkScape might fit your profile.

InkScape is a vector-graphics software, while Gimp is an image editor.
Both of them have a slightly steeper learning curve than Illustrator and Photoshop (at least in my opinion), but they get the job done at a similar quality.

For logos, you’d typically want to start off by using Adobe Illustrator or InkScape in order to create the rough shape, and then port it over into Adobe Photoshop or GIMP for post-processing and other effects.


I’m no graphic designer, but I like to use Paint.net (Don’t go to that link, use getpaint.net), It is fairly simple and quite versatile.


Every professional logo is made with Adobe Illustrator. Sadly there isn’t really a good free alternative that I would recommend. However if you are only going to get one Adobe software you could get Photoshop and use that program’s its vector tools.

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I didn’t read the entire comment, lol!

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Adobe Photoshop, like @XxScottieBoixX said, is amazing.

However, it’s not free.

If you want to use free applications, I have compiled a short list:


Adobe illustrator is similar to free alternatives program. If your wanting paid options or free open source ones I’ll try going for paint.net, Inkscape, gimp and more, Adobe illustrator is a good option but it isn’t required if your wanting to learn how to draw or paint that’s if you want to spend money. There are some free alternatives that provide similar options adobe illustrator is similar to a lot of free options it might give you a better interface and buttons to create things more smoothly and easier.

Inkscape - Gimp are good for beginner artist however go for whatever your comfortable and ones your willing to learn. There is a thread that goes into depth about free alternatives I recommend checking it out:

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Personally, I use Inkscape since it’s free to use and (to my knowledge) allows users to make things for commercial use.

I haven’t used Paint.net or Adobe Photoshop (and I’ve only barely touched Gimp), but if this helps you make any decision, I’ve used both Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, and they accomplish the same task. The only real difference is the layout of either program, and (as far as I know), Inkscape only exports graphics in .png format.

Hope this helped!

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Here’s a work of my friend who works on my games images. @TrickyTunamers. Outstanding work using paint.net