WHAT truly makes a good loading screen..?

A good loading screen, would take into consideration game type, theme and setting, for example a pirate map can have a treasure map loading screen with a little boat moving from point to point.


This is my opinion if you like Loading Screens, that’s fine by me I have nothing against you.

I hate Loading Screens, you want your players to play as soon as they can.

I think Loading Screens are miss-used as it was implemented back in the days to literally set up the game and hide ugly behind the scene stuff, however nowadays I don’t think Loading screens are necessary because Computers are a lot faster but if you really want to implement them make sure they allow players to play as soon as they want to and not have to see your Studio’s Logo first before playing EVERY TIME they enter the game.

I’m not talking about Welcome screens or Start Menus, those are relevant.

In general make sure your players are only shown with meaningful things and don’t delay them from playing the game.

Do remember that your players are kids with a short intention span and the smallest amount of patience, additionally this is very crucial for your game’s first impression.

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That’s not exactly true, let me ask you a question, would you rather

A. Get lag spikes that spike every time you travel a certain distance (Streaming Enabled, an alternative to loading screens)


B. Would you rather sit and wait for 2 minutes for the whole game to load?

A good loading screen is something that distracts the player without being performance heavy. Dark Souls and Skyrim need loading screens because their maps are absolutely massive. Give the player something to read for example, it’s just text, it doesn’t take a long time to load. So maybe tips in your game like Tales from the Valley made by Arch Mage.

To answer your question:

This has to be one of the best loading screens I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s smooth, it makes sense, and it distracts me. It’s nothing truly mind blowing, but it gets the job done and gets it done right.

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As much as many people here are saying not to use loading screens at all, one thing I’d say is that they aren’t in any way harmful and they won’t break the immersion too much if they’re done right. Extra Credits, a YouTube channel focused on games and game development, did a video on this very recently. I’d suggest checking it out.

The one thing that caught my focus the most when I was watching that video is having a mini-game within the loading screen. It’s a very simple idea, and it could work very well (but could be executed very poorly as well). What I’d imagine is being tasked with making different foods by pressing a sequence of different buttons. You could have a variety of different foods and tasks (frying, baking, mixing, etc), and finishing the food could reward you in-game.

I really hope you do find a fitting answer to your question, though! Just thought I’d toss in my two cents.

Sorry, but they didn’t load into the map yet.

It’s obviously there to tell you to wait.

Personally, I’ve always loved engaging and immersive loading screens that showcase detailed art or animations relevant to the game.

It’s also best to have loading screens that are constrained to a time-limit so you don’t leave players with slower internet speeds at a disadvantage. A “skip loading” button also just does wonders.

Edit: Music! Music is also important to any game design, having a little lietmotif embedded in your common game music is very useful to play during loading screens too.

tbh, no loading screen exept roblox’s default loading screen that you see on every roblox game / place is the best thing to go with in my opinion.

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