What was inappropriate about this image? [RESOLVED]

I recently uploaded a drawing of feet I had made for my game and decided to upload a second version.
The second version is exactly the same as the first but in a different color:


I was then banned for 3 days for “Adult content”

What was inappropriate about this image and how can i get my account unbanned?|


I guess ROBLOX doesn’t want feet to be shown on the site.
I personally don’t see anything wrong with it (except how long those toe nails are) but ROBLOX decal moderation has always been weird.


Roblox doesn’t like images like this because of their ties with fetish material, as far as I know. I don’t feel like elaborating anymore than that.
The fact that another version on this same image with a different color is surprising to me though.


I’m very surprised you’ve been banned over an image like such (which I personally don’t see anything “inappropriate” about this image), like I deeply struggle to see what Roblox is trying to “protect” by terminating this image and your account, even if the reason was fetish material - I don’t see a termination being logical, anyone can have a “fetish” for just about anything (take hair for example, as weird as it may sound - there are sexual hair fetishes lol) so what’s are solution? Banning hair? Lol.


you can appeal moderation by email, and tell them your intent was not to be innapropriate.


I don’t think this is inappropriate, but, it’s roblox’s moderation…

But I do mention the body skin of the feet. It’s gray. And, kids may be scared or something like that, or they will like “paint” their feet in grey too. (I know this is a very dumb idea but, still.)

You can send an email to Roblox to apply your ban. By going to the support page.


It’s probably just a image moderating bot that ‘recognized’ that the toes may look like male body parts.
If you appeal as @ItsBloxyMan said, you’ll probably be approved though.

Those toenails though… :nauseated_face:


I emailed roblox support and they have reduced the penalty to a warning. Thank you all for the replies.

(I apologise for the toenails.)