What would be a good way of making a cannon shell fire and drop off at certain time

Hello so I am making a cannon but I have a problem with the shell that is meant to be fired. What would be a good way of making the thing move and then drop off at a certain point or time.

Talking about modern ship cannons

I read somethings about velocity but I am not sure what should be used.

I think the image you posted is good enough. You could look at Sea of Thieves for the cannon-ball drop off since that’s a pretty good game.

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Yeah but the problem I am having, that I dont know what could make the shell move.

EgoMoose did a fantastic guide on projectile motion a while ago. If you can understand basic calculus then that would be the best resource:

You use velocity, a property of any basepart to move instances:

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Thank you, I shall take a look into it.

Have a look at FastCast

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