What would be the best way to create a rain dripping down window effect?

I’m wondering what the best way to create a “rain dripping down window” effect would be, if possible I’d like to do something like this, image

Would it be to use the beam effect and add some sort of rain trickle as the texture, if so where would I find the textures to do that?
The goal of this is so hopefully I’ll be able to use the rain dripping down on a window to simulate a rainy environment from inside a building such as a train or office building.


I really don’t know maybe search it up on youtube about how to make a rain effect in ROBLOX STUDIO. Hope this helped. Enjoy your day!


Anything is possible in Roblox Studio, however, trying to emulate this exact effect would take a LONG time. I personally wouldn’t try doing this until a feature comes out that makes this less time consuming, but its possible.

I’m pretty sure videos will be supported soon on Roblox Studio, so i would wait until that comes out so that you can put a video SurfaceGUI on each window with a rain dripping effect as the video.

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Well I don’t necessarily want that EXACT effect just having rain trickle down a window is what I wanted, the video is just to show the main idea of what I was aiming for

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You could get this modulescript, ask @boatbomber to modify it and create your own rain effect. If this not works, then idk:


One way would be to upload every frame of a video of rain trickling with a transparent background, then setting the window decal to each frame as time passes. This isn’t very efficient however.

Another more efficient way would be to randomly spawn parts, gradually make them go down the window and squash them as they go down.

Hope this helped!

It’s easy to make this on a glass part like in a house, just simply get an image of a blurry rain with background transparency to it, now insert a texture onto the glass part and add a script into the glass part, the script should contain a loop that would keep the particle moving left and down like how you want it.