What would happen if I wrap every line in task.spawn?

According to the DevHub for the task (roblox.com) library, task.spawn is meant as a replacement for something called “fast spawn.” If my memory serves it was meant to not mask errors and prevent throttling that spawn was usually prone to do. The problem with fast spawn however was that it was kinda expensive due to utilizing BindableEvents. In contrast, the coroutine library is from vanilla Lua. They basically do the same thing, with the difference being that task.spawn does not return any values while the coroutine library (create/resume and wrap) do. The biggest deal-breaker, however, is that the coroutine library can mask errors, so do take that into account whenever using them.

local function foo()
    return "bar"

print(coroutine.wrap(foo)()) -- bar
print(coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(foo))) -- true bar

Roblox is single-threaded in the context of Luau (unless you use the parallel Luau systrm), this would probably blow off the task scheduler and spike the core utilization (and can lag other things like physics and rendering I believe)