What's a good scenario for a "for loop"

i almost never use the first example of for loops

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lol yo that’s funny. character fades away when touching a brick.

the one where there’s an increment?

yeah i know that one. getchildren if child:isA(“yoda”)

Haha, you’re on the right track. That would work too. In this case it would be:

local player = whatever
local character = player.Character

for i, v in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
if v:isA(“BasePart”) then – Or whatever a body part is.
for i = 0,1, 0.1 do
v.Transparency = i

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omg. im sorry to everyone who had the answers for this post. i wasnt going to put a solution because so many people were being so helpful but what this guy just put made so much click inside my head. i had to put it as the solution.

for loop inside of a freaking for loop. love it. so much just clicked for me rn haha.

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when i do the for i = 0,1,.1 do loop it does one part at a time. how would i make it so that it does all the parts at once?

So if you wanted all the parts to happen at once, you wouldn’t put a wait in between.

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well i tried that and it does the loop instantly but i think that it still does it one at a time. i made a new topic if you wants to transfer over to that one. my script is there as well