What's HTTP 405 error code?

I can’t find any resources that tell me what it means.

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This might help you HTTP Error: 405

A HTTP 405 Status Code usually signifies that the method you are trying to use for a request is not allowed. You can learn more about HTTP Status Codes and what they mean here.


I’ve encountered this while trying to use PostAsync to change data on the Google Spreadsheets but only when in studio.


oh then I’ll see if the error persists in game

For future reference you need to include more detail in your post so we can attempt to understand the issue you’re facing. All I understood here was that you wanted to know in general what the status code meant.

If you are unsure of what to include in your post read the guidelines for this category.

I did just want to know in general what the status code meant, but Inhxled offered some advice that was pertinent to my problem.

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