What's the advantage of learning OOP?

Hi Guys , so I was learning OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and I was practicing it until I realized “what’s the use of it”. I’m making a sandbox tycoon game so I was advised to learn OOP and I started immediately. But I want to know what’s the advantage of using it ?

Thanks ! :smiley:

First of, please change the category to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

Now, OOP in simple sense are sort of roblox globals, something like Instance.new(...). This first of creates the instance, then returns it. It is a type of constructor. OOP are helpful in a lot of ways. For example, signals. Signals are easier to handle as in OOP. So, an example would be:

local mySignal = Signal.new()

This has an advantage where you can handle the signal events and disconnection functions with just one variable. Handling is not the only usage. Having a clean code, performance etc, etc are also very mandatory to look after. There are also many places where you just have to use constructors. So, hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say here.

Plus, before posting, just PLEASE look for tutorials. There is a huge post on it just explaining everything about it. All about Object Oriented Programming