What's the best way to save in-game settings?

gotcha, tysm bruh.

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Hi, late reply, however, I’m getting the same issue.
What I have right now is: game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.UpdateSetting:FireServer(testValue, “test”)
The error it gives me is: ServerScriptService.SettingsData:14: invalid argument #2 (string expected, got nil)

Could you link all of your code that you used?

Just did something called hippity hoppity your code is my property

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You fire the remote with the name of the setting, and the value you wish to set it to. You seem to have fired it with the value, then the name.

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Nope. The solution was this:

game.ReplicatedStorage.Events.UpdateSetting:FireServer("testValue", "test")

Does this have to be in a ModuleScript? Also, where does it have to be? I have it as a regular script in ServerScriptService.

A regular script in ServerScriptService is the intended way

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hi, i know i dont have to be involved in this topic but where do i place the settings folder?

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Put it inside the settings script.