Where can I put my kill feed

Right now I have my kill feed on the bottom right but the problem is mobile users are going to have a hard time seeing that because the movement thing covers it up.

But I also want to put a leaderboard on the top right, also the chat is on the top left, where can i even put this

Hey there! If the feed is made of GUIs you can try fixing the offset of it and see with the emulator tool if that fits on the game. Otherwise I don’t know any other way. Hope I helped you somehow! :slight_smile:

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Perhaps instead of having a physical kill feed, you can integrate it into the chat itself? Try using this to display custom messages in the chat, then code it to display the kill feed: “[Player] killed [Player]” or “[Player] is on a [#] kill streak”. This should get you started, as I too don’t see a possible spot for the kill feed without blocking other elements.


Oh true! I didn’t think about transforming the feed into a chat message