Where did "Weld" go, how to modify or maintain C0 and C1 for WeldConstraint?



Don’t say that “Weld” is deprecated, I already know that, even if it is stupid at the moment.

It’s not there anymore and for the command it is stroken through, I am not sure if that’s gonna mean removal, but if this is going to get removed without properly replacing “Weld” then it’s bad. It’s gonna be so annoying now, to manually create a “Weld” instance, with a script now, just to test something for welding accessories and morph parts.

With WeldConstraint, I have to position the Middle of the accessory to the character’s Middle, as example “Head”. Then change Part0 and Part1 and then unanchor the character or something…

Because otherwise the position is not going to be exact. I literally can’t change a WeldConstraint’s C0 and C1…

but man…
if they’re only going to restrict us to WeldConstraint at some point, then it’s gonna be annoying for those that use C0 and C1…

not even Roblox’s accessories use WeldConstraint, it still uses “Weld”, but they removed “Weld” from the menu.

Here’s the issue I am talking about, let’s assume the “Head” that I copied is the center part for the accessory or morph.


With a “Weld” instance, I can just do this.


Really simple, boom and connected. I did weld the glasses with WeldConstraint though to the center part.

Now what a WeldConstraint does is this

Yeah, it might is welded together, but the middle part was never positioned automatically to the head.

What I would have to do there, is to position the middle part to the players head, maybe that works, but I am not sure if it is going to be glitchy or break anything.

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again, weld is literally being used by Accessories itself

just to point that out

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welds were marked deprecated by accident(source). They should be fixing this soon.

If you want to still insert welds, go to file → studio features, search “show deprecated objects”, restart studio, then u can insert welds again.


I’m glad to hear, that welds were marked deprecated as an accident.

Question is, how much of an accident was it, or was there someone that intended to remove it?

I’ve thought about the issues that would happen if “Weld” wouldn’t be there anymore. Apart from having to reposition a accessory part with WeldConstraint. I can simply reposition it, ASLONG there’s a Center Part.

However, I made some kind of “Bodygroup” system, that uses pre-made welds, so C0 and C1’s and I can give these “accessory parts” to any kind of part. The “accessory part” would always keep the C0 and C1 original relative position.

However, WeldConstraint would completly destroy it and I don’t think there’s a replacement for that. First of all, whenever Part0 and Part1 of WeldConstraint changes, its secret C0 and C1 automatically updates. Even if there would be a possibility to manually edit WeldConstraint’s C0 and C1, it would destroy it whenever Part0 and Part1 gets updated.

If WeldConstraint would have read only C0’s and C1’s, then it would be easier to create “Weld” instances, manually, instead of a script generating it.