Where is it better to make UIs? Roblox Studio or Adobe Photoshop?

Hey there. As a UI designer, I see people make most, if not all of their UIs on Adobe Photoshop. Though I do not use Adobe Photoshop because I am a beginner. Once I get better at designing UIs, I will maybe go to Photoshop to do UIs. Anyways, here are my two questions. Question 1: Can you make many more varieties of UIs than on Roblox Studio? Question 2: Which is harder to make UIs on? Photoshop or Roblox Studio? So, that brings me to the conclusion: where is it better to make UIs? Thank you for spending your time reading this! :slight_smile:


Adobe photoshop, there’s more tools available.


I prefer Adobe XD in combination with both studio tools and photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop,of course,its probably the most famous Image and etc Editor,and as ScytheSayin said,it has more tools.

I only recommended Adobe Photoshop,as i never saw the others ones,i only "heard"of Adobe Photoshop,as its probably the most used one.(I’am not too sure,no need to warn me if i’am wrong)

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It might also interest you to use Adobe Illustrator, which is more suitable for UIs due to the tools it gives and the percision it offers. It’s used magazines thanks to these features.

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Depends on what you are making, if you are going to make a native UI, then Roblox Studio UI is a better option.

You should make UI in Roblox, if it’s material, flat, aqua, fluent design etc.


I wouldn’t say you have more options of UI in Photoshop than Studio. You can make something really epic with just programming + studio.

Imported UI is much harder, when it comes to importing. So, if you are a beginner, consider making UI in studio for now.

Edit 2:

If you want a software recommendation, probably Affinity Designer since you have to pay once only, not like Photoshop which you need to pay each month.

Edit 3:
I’ve included a few softwares in my professional UI designer raising guides 101 (for beginners, of course). Consider reading it.


One problem with google drawings though is that when I use the snipping tool, the shapes will not be snipped/cut perfectly. So, I can not always get good shapes and sizes and vertices. Do you have any idea of how you can get the cutting perfectly?

Personally, I use Affinity Designer which is very good at designing logos, especially user interfaces. I suggest you give it a try if you’re very good at what you do. (program is pretty pricy, however!)

No. Like using the snipping tool…

Is it free? Also, I bet its like x10 better than google drawings, right?

Usually, it costs $49.99 USD, but it is now on sale for half-off ($24.99 USD). In my opinion, I think it should only be used if you’re very good at what you do. And, yes, it is x10 better than google drawings.

I am gonna keep trying to get very good at what I am doing. Thanks for telling me that though! I shall use it later on when I get really good. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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