Where is the Asphalt material?

did you read that quote?

anyways it is listed under enum materials

Studio is in beta and apparently will be in beta forever…
Being in beta doesn’t justify this problem.
In any case, do you say that I will only be able to access this (and other listed materials) through a script?

That list of Enums is for all the Materials available in the game. The Asphalt is currently one of the smooth terrain materials, though I think there are plans to eventually allow terrain materials to be used with parts and vice versa.


script.Parent.Material = Enum.Material.Asphalt

setting the material to Asphalt won’t change it to asphalt yet, sorry

new materials are in beta(I think)

Are you referring to Beta Features?
Can’t see anything related there…

no, it isn’t in beta features at all, if it was then I could use it

So, in short, currently the only way to access the complete material list is though script…

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this will give you a table including every material
hope this helps out

Yes, I know, tks.
My original question was about access to the entire list through the native Studio interface.

you can’t unless you use a plugin I guess

why do you need to do this anyways?

I think it’s obvious. There is no reason why all materials cannot be listed there. It’s a matter of user-friendly interface.

a lot of those materials are literally for terrain

Well, for me, it’s a bug, since all material should be listed in the current selection list.
I’ve created a bug report:

this isn’t even a studio bug, why did you post this in #bug-reports:studio-bugs?

For me, yes it is a bug.
But we will let Roblox’s staff judge that.

I believe that having 40 years of experience in IT, I know what a bug is.
I won’t be arguing with you, as apparently, you like to write a lot.
The matter is closed.

For anyone confused about this, be aware that there are several of those Enums that are exclusive to the terrain (can’t be applied to BaseParts). RBLX Devs are actively working on an overhaul of Roblox materials that should give us more material options and more options that can be used with either terrain or BaseParts; however, it doesn’t look like they’ll remove that barrier completely (so expect to continue seeing materials in the full Enum list that can’t be applied in all the ways you would like).

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The asphalt material is a Terrain material, which isn’t meant to be used for parts yet. The terrain materials will be usable soon when the new materials release.

This it’s not a bug it’s intentional

Currently, on players with Soothsayer Perms are able to access to the Asphalt material, till then, you’ll have to wait for the update involving materials. The updates planned to release later this year, but theres no confirmation on the date yet.